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extend the life and beauty of your investment

Are your pavers in need of a little TLC? Contact us today for an assessment and let’s get your outdoor spaces looking their best again.

Your driveway, walkway, fire pit, or custom project are vital parts of your property, and like anything, they require maintenance and sometimes repair. We’re here to help when that  time arrives.

Driveway Repairs – Driveways endure a lot – from the weight of vehicles to the harsh weather conditions. Cracks, settling, and  loosening of the pavers are common issues. Our team can quickly assess the situation and perform necessary repairs, ensuring your driveway is safe and attractive.

Walkway Repairs – Walkways can suffer from uneven settling, loose pavers, and wear from foot traffic. We’ll restore your walkway’s level surface, replace damaged pavers, and ensure it’s a safe and welcoming path for you and your visitors.

Fire Pit Repairs – Fire pits can experience degradation due to heat, weather exposure, and regular use. We can replace worn-out materials, fix structural issues, and refresh the appearance of your fire pit, making it a warm and inviting centerpiece once again.

Custom Project Repairs – Custom projects come in many forms, each with their unique needs. Be it a damaged retaining wall, a sagging outdoor kitchen counter, or a chipped fountain, we bring our expertise in repairing a wide variety of custom masonry structures back to their original glory.

Our team of experts is ready to restore your outdoor elements to their prime condition.

Our Process

Consulting with a professional paver installation company can help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs.


An experienced Booth’s Cobblestone’s salesperson will meet with you to listen to your vision and goals for transforming your outdoor space. They will be able to guide you and discuss the best options to meet your desired outcome within your specific budget.  



Your Booth’s Cobblestones salesperson will create an innovative and practical design for your outdoor space to achieve your personal vision. The design will meet local standards with top consideration for durability and beauty. 



Based on the parameters you set for the budget, your Booth’s Cobblestones salesperson will provide a price and estimated timeline for your project. If the estimate meets with your approval, you will sign a contract, and the work can begin!



Your Booth’s Cobblestones salesperson will walk you through the installation process so you know exactly what to expect before, during, and after installation. This helps ensure that the process and result meet and exceed your expectations.


Ready To Start Your Outdoor Project?

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